Property Division

property division divorce

The division of marital assets and debts is one of the most complicated and emotionally charged areas of divorce. When significant assets are involved, the stakes are dramatically increased for the husband and wife. To best protect your rights and interests, it is essential to work with a Massachusetts family law attorney who has strong negotiation skills and professional resources.

Challenges of Complex Property Division

Financial aspects of divorce can be complex, especially in regard to division of significant marital assets and debts. It may seem more questions than answers are apparent, such as:

  • Who stays in the family home?

  • Who keeps the vacation home?

  • Who pays the credit card bills?

  • How will the vehicles be divided?

  • How will bank accounts and retirement accounts be divided?

  • How is a business/professional practice impacted?

These questions and other divorce-related matters such as spousal support or child custody can and will be answered and addressed by our divorce attorneys.

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